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Polly Eden Award Winner - Kim Kiernan

Pauline 'Polly' Eden was a long time volunteer at Latimer Lane School starting in 1992. She frequented the classrooms weekly and would listen to the children read. Latimer Lane School decided to recognize her long time dedication to the school through the Polly Eden Award of which she was the first recipient. Each year the Polly Eden Award is awarded to a volunteer who has demonstrated outstanding service to the school's community.

The 2021-2022 recipient of the Polly Eden is Kim Kiernan. Kim served as a co-chair on the All-4-Kids fundraiser (the LLPTO's largest fundraiser) this year and committed countless hours to the success of this event. In addition, Kim helped to bring Paul Cryan back to Latimer Lane, helped with the Ski Club (bus), Art Show, and was an incredible "Room Mom." If help is needed, Kim is one of the first people to step up. In her time at Latimer, Kim has touched nearly every fundraiser and event we have. But perhaps what makes Kim so special is her inclusivity and overall love for building a sense of community.

Thank you Kim for all you do, and congratulations on the well deserved award! We are lucky to have you!


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