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Poly Eden Award Winner - Jackie Lachance

Pauline 'Polly' Eden was a long time volunteer at Latimer Lane School starting in 1992. She frequented the classrooms weekly and would listen to the children read. Latimer Lane School decided to recognize her long time dedication to the school through the Polly Eden Award of which she was the first recipient. Each year the Polly Eden Award is awarded to a volunteer who has demonstrated outstanding service to the school's community.

One recipient of the 2022-2023 Polly Eden Award is Jackie Lachance. Jackie is an invaluable member of the Latimer Lane community. She steps up on nearly every committee and helps with nearly every event the PTO sponsors. Jackie single handedly recruits the sponsors that fund the Run Back to School and helps with many of the behind the scenes logistics of the run. She is a long time member of the All-4-Kids, Staff Appreciation Week, and Bingo committees and helps with the Walk/Bike to School events every year. She chaired the 6th grade Lyman Orchard Pie Sale, joined the 6th grade Recognition Night Committee, and has helped with numerous other 6th grade fundraisers.

In short, Jackie is a force, and we are so grateful for all of her efforts. She looks for no recognition, which is one of the many reasons she truly deserves it.

Thank you Jackie for all you do, and congratulations on the well deserved award! We are lucky to have you!


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