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Field Day Fun!

After a 2 year hiatus, Field Day is back! On a perfect weather day, the Latimer Lane students enjoyed running around and 12 different stations where they engaged in some friendly competition. Some of the favorites were the “car wash” station where students got to ride scooter boards through a man made carwash (made my Mrs. Kissane's dad!), the leaky pipe where students got soaked racing to fill a holey pipe with water, the parachute station, and the cageball soccer. To close out the day, students enjoyed a popsicle treat donated by the PTO.

The laughter, smiles, and excitement were contagious. It was impossible to attend and not smile. Countless students called it the “best day ever.” A HUMONGOUS thanks to Mrs. Kissane and Mr. Carpe for their outstanding efforts to design and implement an incredible day for our kiddos to enjoy being outside and active. And thank you to the 50+ parent volunteers who jumped right in and helped make the day such an overwhelming success.

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